Input-Output System

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Singular Station Manager is a complete computerization solution for small and large gas stations. The application controls and records the “yard” of the gas station (pumps and tanks), even when you are away. The solution includes the electronic equipment and the application to automatically interface and control the pumps.

Singular Logic Station Manager 1

Επιπλέον διατίθενται οι εφαρμογές:

  • Automatic connection and control of the stocks of the tanks with buoyometric rods

  • Pricing.

  • Open – Close & send prices to the pumps.
    Monitor transactions at the pumps.

  • Issuance of receipts to ADIME fuel pumps.
    Multiple price lists per pump.

  • Multiple shifts per day.
    Manual / Automatic operation with the possibility of pre-approved sales.

  • Read and print electronic cash at any time.

  • Monitor employee shifts with assigned pumps.

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Tank Monitoring

  • Continuous indication of level (mm), temperature (‘C) and reserve (litres).
  • Automatic reduction to 15″C.
    Control of stocks – deficits.
  • Automatic determination of density & coefficient of expansion on receipts.
  • Check for leaks.
  • Troubleshoot pump calibrations.
  • Alarrn (water, overflow, drain).


  • Additional features.
  • Vehicle Fleet Management.
  • Control of electronic price signs.
  • Interface with room sales management application (Singular Control2, 3 & 4, ProfitRMS).
  • Addition of ADIME fuel (ICS ALGOBOX approved model).
  • Automatic issuance of Retail receipts, Invoices, etc. documents.
  • Customer tracking – mini market hall warehouse.


  • Shift report (meters, fuel, sales, inventory) on one page!
    Reports and visualization by shift, day, month and year.
    Periodic sales report.
    Inventory management journal.
    Display information in a concise and concise manner.


  • Communication with all known types of pumps. (Nuon Pignone, Wayne, Tokheim, Scheidt & Bachmann, Kienzle, IFSF compatibles, CoCa, etc.)
  • Possibility of combining pumps of different manufacturers without modifications!

Installation, user training and proper operation of Singular Station Manager are provided by Singularlogic’s expert engineers and consultants. SingularLogic, the largest business software company, currently has more than 55,000 customers throughout Greece, in businesses of all sectors and sizes.